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Pinoy Scientists
Co-founder and manager

Pinoy Scientists is an online initiative on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr that gives a voice to the brilliant, but often underappreciated scientists of the Philippines. Each week, one "Pinoy Scientist"contributes curated content, developing their science communication skills in the process. As co-founder and manager, I oversee the platform's daily operations and orient the scientists during their takeover.

Challenges of communicating science: perspectives from the Philippines

Given that science communication remains a nascent discipline in the Philippines, my Master's thesis aimed to identify the biggest pain points faced by Manila-based science communicators and scientists in their public science communication efforts. The study was published in the Journal of Science Communication, where it is the currently the most read article on the platform. The article has since been used by the Philippines Department of Science and Technology to guide their science communication outreach initiatives.  

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From science then communication, to science communication

In the most wide-ranging effort so far to document science communication practice across the world, my co-authors Dr. Mariechel J. Navarro and Mr. Garry Montemayor of the University of the Philippines Los Baños and I sought to describe the Philippines' past and present science communication activities. The book Communicating Science: A Global Perspective was published by ANU Press, and has since been recognized as one of the company's best-selling titles. The Philippines chapter, in particular, is one of the top five most downloaded chapters in the book.  

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STEM resource speaker
Singapore and the Philippines

From international conferences to nationwide broadcasts, I've been brought on as a moderator, presenter and emcee tackling topics like artificial intelligence and Asia's R&D landscape. Some notable engagements include:

  • Need to Know (GMA News Digital)

  • Dia:gram Media Forum 2021 (Roche)

  • Cities of the Future Conference 2021 (Unbound Live)

  • Singapore Week Of Technology and Innovation (SWITCH) 2020 (Enterprise Singapore

  • DZMM Teleradyo (ABS-CBN)

  • National Biotechnology Week 2018 (Philippine Department of Science and Technology)

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